Stockton-on-the-Forest Primary School

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Science Intent and Implementation

Our Science Curriculum Intent
At Stockton on the Forest Primary School, we recognise Science as a core subject due to its huge impact on human lives in the past, present and future.
At Stockton on the Forest Primary we:

  • Promote a natural curiosity about the universe and foster a life-long interest in science
  • Develop a strong understanding of how science has shaped and changed our lives
  • Develop a strong understanding of the uses and implications of science
  • Prepare pupils for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world


We use enquiry-based learning to develop pupils’ scientific knowledge. Sessions mostly begin with a question to promote scientific thinking and allows pupils to apply prior knowledge. Across the year, pupils have opportunities to develop skills in the following areas:


  • Asking questions
  • Observing and measuring
  • Planning and setting up different types of enquiry
  • Identifying and classifying
  • Performing tests
  • Gathering and recording data
  • Reporting, presenting and communicating data/findings
  • Using equipment


When planning, teachers use a range of resources alongside the programmes of study in the National Curriculum which include (but is not limited to): STEM learning, Explorify, The Ogden Trust, Primary Science Teaching Trust – Bright ideas and Terrific Scientific (BBC).


All staff use high-quality teaching and make use of explicit instruction, cognitive and metacognitive strategies, scaffolding, flexible grouping and technology to ensure a supportive environment for all pupils, without exception.

At the start of each unit, teachers use a range of assessment techniques to ascertain pupils’ current attainment and skill level, and adapt planning where necessary. This continues throughout the unit, including addressing any identified misconceptions or misuse of vocabulary. At the end of the unit, teachers assess current skill and knowledge to inform future planning.