Stockton-on-the-Forest Primary School

Happy, Healthy, Learning for Life and Caring for All

About Us

Stockton-on-the-Forest Primary school is a small village school situated approximately four miles from the centre of the City of York. A strength of our school is the friendly, family like ethos that enables children to feel safe and develop in confidence during their time with us. Whilst a majority of children attending the school come from Stockton-on-the-Forest, a number of families from other surrounding areas of the city like to choose a smaller setting for their child, where they know they will be well cared for as an individual with a unique potential.


The present school caters for children from age five to eleven years and was built in 1976 when the old Victorian school became unsuitable for the demands of a growing village and a changing curriculum. The ‘new school’ was built behind the original school enabling children and staff to transfer from one building to the other with little disruption.


The school building itself is situated at the end of a tree-lined driveway in the heart of Stockton-on-the-Forest. It enjoys the benefit of extensive and mature grounds that adjoin farmland.  The grounds have been developed to accommodate a range of stimulating and enjoyable playtime equipment for children including a tyre park, climbing tower, climbing wall, adventure trail and log walk. There is a hard surfaced playground, which is marked out for football, netball and playtime games and a large grassed area that is predominately used for sports activities and summer time play. The grounds have also been developed to include an enclosed wildlife area which is used to develop children’s knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of nature and the outdoor environment. For children who enjoy quieter activities, our Millennium Garden, created by our parents and governors in celebration of the arrival of the new millennium can be used for reading, drawing and conversation during playtime. Our infant children enjoy the added bonus of an outdoor provision area specifically used as an outdoor learning facility.


All parts of the school are suitable for wheelchair access.  Internally, the school comprises four classrooms, a communal computer suite, a well-stocked library, a small room for group teaching, a toilet and shower for use by those with a disability, a school hall and kitchen.  We are fortunate to have a comparatively large hall that is well equipped with a variety of P.E. apparatus.


There are currently 96 children on roll covering the full primary age range. The staffing comprises: Headteacher, three full time teachers, two part-time teachers, two full time teaching assistants, two part time teaching assistants, a school administration officer, a full time mid-day supervisor, three part-time midday supervisors, and two catering staff.