Stockton-on-the-Forest Primary School

Happy, Healthy, Learning for Life and Caring for All

Who's Who

Meet The Staff

The following people make up our wonderful staff team:

Mrs Lorraine Atkinson – Headteacher 

Mrs Anthea Mitchell – Office Manager

Mr Andrew Mckenna – Early Years Teacher

Mrs Rachel Rooney – Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss Jo Collins – Year 3/4 Teacher

Miss Becky Lynwood – Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs Sally Whelan – Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs Stephanie Cressey – Year 1/2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Becky Seyburn - Year 1/2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lucia Hodgkinson – Year 3/4 Teaching Assistant

Miss Justine Bell – Year 5/6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Linsay Heppell - Cook

Mrs Janice Ray – Midday Supervisor

Mr Liam Baker - Lunchtime Sports Leader

Mr Bill Davies - Sports Specialist 

Mrs Anne Snashall - Recorder Teacher

Mrs Diane Beal - Music Specialist