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Little Wandle phonics and Early Reading programme

Learning to read is crucial because it is through reading that children are able to access other areas of learning and achieve their full potential. Phonics teaching gives children the tools they need to become effective readers. High-quality, systematic phonics teaching is crucial for children to learn to crack the alphabetic code, and to support children to learn to read.

We teach early reading through the systematic, synthetic phonics programme Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised. Through this programme, we have an ambition that 100% of our children will meet the Phonics Screen Check in Year 1. The phonics programme provides a full progression through all commonly occurring GPCs, working from simple to more complex, and taking into account the frequency of their occurrence in the most commonly encountered words. At each appropriate stage, our phonics lessons take children through the learning of GPCs, the formation of graphemes, blending for reading, segmenting for writing, and reading and writing simple sentences, alongside the controlled learning of tricky words.

Programme progression Reception and Year 1 overviews