Stockton-on-the-Forest Primary School

Happy, Healthy, Learning for Life and Caring for All


Headteacher's Welcome

It is with pleasure that we welcome you to Stockton-on-the- Forest Primary School.

Here at Stockton-on-the-Forest we work hard to provide a safe, happy, warm and welcoming learning environment where children are supported and encouraged to develop their own unique potential. We believe that in order to do this successfully, it is important for us to establish strong relationships with parents and carers, working in partnership to enable children to flourish academically, socially and emotionally.


We are proud of our school and aim to make whoever joins us, whether it is for the day or over a longer period, very welcome.


We look forward to working with children, parents and carers and the community to provide learning opportunities that are enjoyable and stimulating and enable children to achieve a high level of personal attainment.


Mrs Lorraine Atkinson, Headteacher.