Stockton-on-the-Forest Primary School

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Science Aspirations Week 20th - 24th March 2023

Thank you to all our amazing parents and visitors who helped to make our Science Aspirations week truly inspirational. 

Thanks to Miss Piper (Mum to Grace) for a magnificent morning of medicine for our KS2 children. Miss Piper gave an amazing talk on careers in the NHS - the key message being that you can be anything that you aspire to be.
Afterwards, the children were able to experiment with lots of different tools that doctors and surgeons use. 

We participated in the British garden bird quiz and a scavenger hunt around our school grounds. We made fat ball feeders to look after the birds who visit us in our lovely grounds. 

Thank you Mrs Myers (Mum to Elsie) for being a fantastic chemistry teacher and teaching us the science behind nappies!

We even got to ask Dr Daniel the following questions: What happens in a black hole? What are exoplanets? Why do the planets orbit the sun? The children listened to Daniel's journey to becoming an astronomer.
Daniel recommended the app Skyviewer for parents. This allows you to work out exactly what planets and stars are visible in the night sky.